Innovations in Photoplethysmography

Organizer: John Allen

Recent Advances on Clinical Ultrasound: From Diagnose to Therapeutic Applications

Organizer: Ana Belén Amado Rey

Trustworthy AI in Cancer Imaging Research

Organizer: Ioanna Chouvarda

Trends on On-Scalp Magnetoencephalography

Organizer: Stefania Della Penna

Recent Advances in Entropy Quantification Algorithms for Biomedical Signals: Beyond Univariate Time Series

Organizer: Javier Escudero

In Silico Clinical Trials for Cardiovascular Disease

Organizer: Nenad Filipovic

Next Generation Electrode Technologies for Improving Communication with the Body

Organizer: Rylie Green

Waking up to the Science and Technology of Sleep Disorders

Organizer: Michael Khoo

Advances and Challenges in Closed-Loop Biorealistic Hand Prosthesis

Organizer: Ning Lan

Engineering and Medicine in Extreme Environments: Space

Organizer: Carolyn McGregor

Recent Advances on Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement I

Organizer: Ramakrishna Mukkamala

Recent Advances on Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement II

Organizer: Josep Sola

Omics at the Brain-Electrode Interface: The Intersection of Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Invasive Neurotechnology

Organizer: Erin Purcell

Signal Processing and Machine Learning Paradigms for Enabling the Digital Health Ecosystem

Organizer: Arvind Rao

Bioengineering Advances in the Neuromuscular Clinic

Organizer: Benjamin Sanchez

Advanced Technologies for Improving Diabetes Healthcare

Organizer: William Sandham